Cosmic Clouds

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Introducing Cosmic Clouds: A Cosmic Burst of Flavor in Every Bite!

🌌 Taste the Stars with Cosmic Clouds 🌠

🌠 Experience the extraordinary with Cosmic Clouds - freeze-dried Starbursts in the best flavors, red and pink! These delightful treats bring a new dimension to your snacking, offering a denser, more satisfying texture that crumbles in your mouth, creating a burst of flavor that's truly out of this world. Instead of being chewy, there is an dense CRUNCH that is different than anything you've ever tried!!

❄️ How do we freeze-dry the candy? We have an industrial freeze dryer!! Simply put, we warm up the candy to a malleable state, then begin to remove the atmosphere from around the candy, while lowering the temperature inside the chamber to extract the moisture from the sugar. After the drying process is finished, we shock the candy by letting all the cold air rush back into the chamber, thus locking the sugar strands into its unique shape!! Science RULES!!

🚀 Whether you're on a cosmic adventure, relaxing at home, or need a quick pick-me-up, these treats are ready to elevate your snacking experience.