Candy Corn Rockets

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Introducing Candy Corn Rockets: A Blast of Flavor with a Freeze-Dried Twist!

🚀 Prepare to experience Candy Corn like never before with Candy Corn Rockets! We've taken this classic Halloween treat and given it a thrilling freeze-dried transformation. Say goodbye to excessive sweetness and that waxy texture you don't love – Candy Corn Rockets are here to launch your taste buds into a new realm of flavor. Instead of being waxy and chewy, there is an airy CRUNCH that is different than anything you've ever tried!!

 ❄️ How do we freeze-dry the candy? We have an industrial freeze dryer!! Simply put, we warm up the candy to a malleable state, then begin to remove the atmosphere from around the candy, while lowering the temperature inside the chamber to extract the moisture from the sugar. After the drying process is finished, we shock the candy by letting all the cold air rush back into the chamber, thus locking the sugar strands into its unique shape!! Science RULES!!

🚀 Fun for All Occasions: Candy Corn Rockets are perfect for Halloween, movie nights, or any time you're craving a sweet and crunchy treat. Share them with friends and family, or enjoy them as a solo snack. They're a unique twist on a classic candy that's sure to spark excitement and nostalgia.